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Applicant Info

◎ Name: January
◎ Journal: [personal profile] acperience
◎ Contact: [ profile] snowesque

Character Info

◎ Character's Name: Belph
◎ Character's Canon: Area-X
◎ Character's Age: 18
◎ Canon Point: Post-Bad End of Livan's route.
◎ Background/History:

Over the years, humanity has exhausted its natural resources, including those needed for a basic luxury most have taken for granted: electricity. In this crisis, the ORZ Corporate (yes, really), an organization with roots throughout history, arises with a solution. They've discovered a substance known as Axilium, a substance that can be used to create a reusable, powerful energy source, with no negative side effects at all—the miracle that the world now needs.

—Except it does have one tiny side effect that the ORZ Corporate neglects to mention: it produces massive amounts of radiation. As Earth continues to use Axilium as a power supply, the land becomes further and further contaminated with radioactive waste until it becomes inhabitable. Thus, humanity is left no choice but to evacuate to underneath the ground.

There, Albec, the head of ORZ Corporate at the time, builds underground cities, and research is done to produce a vaccination for the radiation. Eventually, such a vaccination is created—but not for the people, of course. The family behind ORZ Corporate keeps it to themselves, as they've hoarded everything else. In the underground cities, the divide between the wealthy and the poor grows, with the latter left with next to nothing, and the root of the problem is the ORZ Corporate, who have become more powerful than even the government.

This is where Belph comes in. As the son of Albec, Belph is orphaned at an early age and raised by his uncle, Trole (again, yes, really). He grows up believing that Trole, the current head of ORZ Corporate (of which Belph will one day be the leader), is the greatest person alive and that as a member of ORZ Corporate, he can help the people. His delusions are shattered at the age of eight, though, when travelling between the underground cities.

By a stroke of luck, he spots a girl his age on the surface. Afraid for her life, given the radiation, he chases after her. In doing so, he discovers an underground laboratory, which details the true cause behind the world's barren state. Horrified to discover his family's deeds and finally seeing Trole's cruel side, Belph runs away from home—only to, in the end, come back crawling to Trole, realizing that he has nowhere else to go. Like it or not, he's one of them.

Afterwards, he attends an institute for the elite where he meets an older boy by the name of Rexus, whom he comes to befriend. Separately, he later meets a girl named Irina and, most importantly, someone named Elcia: the very girl he met when he was eight, who appears to have no memory of him. The three become a trio, with Belph and Elcia in particular becoming two peas in a pod, dubbed the "Sadistic Duo" due to their pranks on the rest of the school.

Going back to Rexus, though—the man eventually builds a time machine, using a component called the Eon Database as its backbone, and cooperates with the government for a mission: Project Recovery. Their hopes is that by sending agents back in time (or, to be specific, different dimensions rather than the same timeline), they can recover resources that have been lost in this era. Knowing that he needs someone he trusts as the agents' operator, Rexus offers Belph the job. Belph accepts. Later, Irina and Elcia join the team as well, with the latter being one of the agents travelling to different dimensions.

Project Recovery doesn't last long, sadly. Trole, desiring the power of the Eon Database, orders Belph to steal it and blackmails Irina into spying on him to ensure he does his duty. The day that Belph steals the database, however, everything goes straight to hell: the Axial Power Plant is attacked, the time machine is destroyed, and Irina is found murdered.

Elcia, who was off in another dimension during this time, isn't about to sit still when her best friend has been murdered and her other friend is nowhere to be seen, and so goes off investigating. In the process, Belph locates her, at which point he decides to show Elcia Rexus's secret laboratory, so that she can use the prototype of the time machine to find their leader (i.e. Rexus) and have his help in sorting out this mess.

... Except then she ends up losing her Dimensional Watch, cutting her off from communication with Belph who presumably spends the next few days fretting over this. GOOD GOING, ELCIA.

◎ Is the character a hacker and/or do they have a sixth-sense? No sixth sense, but seeing as how he comes from a futuristic setting, is noted to be very good with technology (albeit more so regarding engineering than programming), and can build computers, he likely has some degree of hacking ability.

◎ Personality:

"This is my fate.
To deceive, to manipulate—
That's my nature."

On the surface, Belph looks like a gentleman and might speak like one... until ten seconds into the conversation, at which point you realize that he's just a douche (just take his verbal quirk as an example—he'll say something rude, cut himself off, and amend his words with a politer version, in a way that makes it clear that he's not even trying). He'll joke and he'll laugh and he'll banter with you, and you can go through years without ever really knowing him, as Elcia did.

As for just who he is:

Once upon a time, Belph was a cheerful, compassionate child who wanted to help people and lead them to prosperity. Suffice to say, that got shattered fast—but in his own way, those traits still guide Belph as a teenager.

On the cynical side of things, Belph never recovered from the loss of his dreams. As Trole notes, Belph used to eagerly await what tomorrow had in store when he still his goals; now, he has nothing to look forward to in the future. Belph is infamous for his laziness and tendency to slack on the job. He makes it no secret that he'd rather be home playing video games instead of doing his job (and when he's not playing video games, he's probably drinking), and he'll skimp on explanations when he can. He has no drive for anything, knowing that his life has already been decided for him and that it's not going to be a pleasant one. He doesn't expect anything, not wanting to be betrayed and disappointed. He keeps to himself, rarely sharing personal info, and if he offers to hang out with you without seeming like a troll about it, there's probably a ulterior motive behind it.

Belph is characterized by his apathy—what else would you expect from a guy who cites that his motivation for assisting in an operation that could save humanity is "I just enjoy watching pathetic humans' final struggle against the inevitable"? Belph is cynical and sarcastic on top of being a slacker, and he has strong reactions to very little. He's far from emotionless, but him genuinely becoming irritable and/or upset typically requires there being legitimate danger or for Trole to be in the picture, the latter of which guarantees Belph being in a bad mood. Otherwise, he's the guy known for often keeping his cool, even under pressure.

It helps that he does his best to escape from reality. Whether it's through drinking, playing video games, or playing the piano, he has his means of retreating away from "all the painful things", even if they can carry him away only so far.

This has dark implications, though. Belph covers up everything with a smile and a jokester personality, but it's almost certain that he's become depressed and suicidal, especially in the bad ending of his route. In an alternate timeline (implied to take place in the same continuity as Belph's Bad End, years later), he lets go of his morals to retain his sanity, and even then, his diary details the decline of his emotional stability. At the end of it all, he lashes out in the only means he has left: he uses Axilium to destroy the world, with the same mindset that a child has when they purposely smash their toys. Unable to stand the hollowness of his life anymore, he grows obsessed with 'breaking' his 'toys', as the only interesting thing left to him. Thankfully, the Belph of this timeline hasn't gotten that bad yet, but it demonstrates how far off the deep end he can jump.

That said, one thing of importance to note from that is that Belph does, in fact, have morals—a fairly high set of ones. Yes, he's a self-proclaimed sadist who gets his giggles out of teasing people and did kind of leave his best friend stranded in an alternate dimension (long story). However, the reason his current situation has had such a negative impact on him is because at heart, Belph is a compassionate person who does more than just think, 'Oh, poor low class people' but otherwise moves on with his life. He's keenly aware of how messed up the world is, and that it's all his family's fault. In that sense, Belph is, as stated, the same person he was as a kid, who wanted everyone to be happy—the difference now is that he doesn't believe he can do anything to change it. Still, the circumstances of the world eat away at him, even if he hides it underneath a shield of indifference.

—Though he perhaps hasn't quite killed that desire as much as one would think: he's always flip-flopped between fighting against Trole and going along with what he wants, never making the final step in either direction. When asked at age thirteen what he wanted to do when he grew up, he joked that he "[wants] to become a terrorist", except it probably wasn't really a joke, at the end of the day.

Still, Belph feels that he has to be distant. As he would claim, he can't trust people, though he doesn't actually seem to have as many trust issues as he would suggest. That aside, it's for the own good of those he cares about: not only are people like Elcia potential hostages for Trole, as long as he lives under Trole's thumb, he'll have to become just as bad as the man. If he's going to be playing around with people's lives like ORZ Corporate is wont to do, then he has no need for a heart. Obviously, he still does have one, but him having a conscience means that he, simply put, hates himself. He's lying when he says that Elcia reminds him of how disgusting and pitiful he's become, but he's likely being sincere regarding how he sees himself, at least.

(Again, though, he's failed at pushing people away. Trole hates this side of Belph as well: Belph's relationships with others have changed him, made him more defiant.)

All in all, for all of his dishonesty and sadism, Belph is generally a decent and trustworthy person, as Rexus admits (albeit after also noting that Belph is insanely annoying and shady). While he's fond of pranks and making fun of people, he's not malicious about it. And if you honestly count on him for something, he'll pull through, despite his reputation as a slacker. He proves to be a dedicated operator when the situation calls for it, such as immediately transferring Elcia out of dimensions when she's in danger.

More than that, he's a dedicated person, when it comes to those he cares about. He's willing to give up everything for Elcia and receive nothing but hatred in return, and even on a less extreme level, in routes besides his own, he supports Elcia and assists her even when he doesn't agree with her. Despite knowing that his uncle hates Rexus, Belph still helps his friend out (and yes, he's technically a spy for Trole, but they're both aware that Belph's uncle has him cornered, and it's implied that Belph carried out Trole's orders at least partly for Irina's sake). And just as Belph is ultimately forced to betray Rexus, he also happily goes behind Trole's back in another route and tricks the man so that he can rescue Rexus, despite later showing nervousness over Trole's potential retribution.

For that matter, creating this contradiction of sorts in loyalties, Belph even cares about his uncle, otherwise known as the man who's made his life a living hell for the last ten years and actively screws him over in the present. It's mixed in there with a lot of resentment as well, but a part of Belph still adores his uncle (only probably now in a ~magnificent bastard~ sort of way, compared to his child self's "you're a great person!" view). Belph hates his uncle. He fears him. At the same time, there's still a subtle familial attachment there. In his good ending (however inapplicable the specific events are to this Belph), he apologizes for not being the person his uncle wants him to be, and tells him to take care before leaving him for good—and he was quite likely at least somewhat sincere about it all, in the face of everything that Trole has done to him.

Altogether, while Belph may have inherited his uncle's snarky, teasing personality, he thankfully didn't inherit the man's tendency to break promises, desire to rule the multiverse, or lack of devotion to his loved ones.

◎ Powers/Abilities:

Nothing in the way of supernatural abilities, but he's very good with machinery and chemicals—the kind of person who builds bombs, pianos, computers, weapons, etc. as a hobby for when he's bored.

And If his Good End is any indication, he likely knows how to use a gun.

For more mundane talents, he's also a talented pianist.

◎ Weapons & Other Special Inventory:
    • his modified piano (which doubles as a safety deposit box), if that's okay!

And if his piano is allowed, then the items inside it:
    • the (completely useless in Cerealia) crystal for time-travelling to the Present
    • the (still completely useless in Cerealia) crystal for time-travelling to the Middle Ages
    • some bombs that he and Elcia made back in the institute


◎ Element: Earth.
◎ Sense: Taste. Belph is a heavy drinker, and even that aside, he's one of the few in post-apocalyptic Earth who indulges in food of all classes (with the differences in food being one of the reminders for him of how different he is).
◎ Seven Character Traits: { loyal, composed, perceptive } | { lazy, sarcastic, dishonest } + quick-thinking


◎ First-Person Sample: 1 | 2

◎ Third-Person Sample: Already have Seren ([personal profile] endworld) in the game!

◎ Is your character retaining any previous game memories? Nope.